Увага, по рішенню Банку, Програма закінчилась 31.12.2018 року.

SMARTSKY is a bonus program for accumulation of mileage.

Purpose of the Program: enable the client to accumulate mileage with numerous partners of the program and use it at the client’s own discretion.

The Bank – Raiffeisen Bank Aval

The Organizer – SIA ECOPAY

The Partner – the company offering goods and services.

The Participant – an individual aged 18 or older at the moment of registration for the Program, who is a holder of a Visa Premium card issued by Raiffeisen Bank Aval PJSC

Within the Program, a mile is the accepted unit of measurement.

1. General provisions

1.1. A person registered for the Program is considered to have been acquainted with and to have agreed to its Rules and Conditions.

1.2. SIA ECOPAY (hereinafter the Company) reserves the right to modify (in full or in part) or cancel the effect of the Program at any time without prior notice. Modifications may concern rules of the Program, participation conditions, mileage required to be awarded, catalog, the term of mileage validity etc. These Rules determine participation conditions for the SmartSky Program and requirements for its participants and other parties hereto.

1.3. Participation in the Program is available for individuals aged 18 or older at the time of registration at the Program.

1.4. Participation in the Program is individual. Only individuals can participate in it. Every participant may have only one account. Legal entities cannot participate in the Program.

1.5. A Program participant can only be a physical person who has given prior consent to processing of personal data at the Program website Processing of personal data should mean “any activity or set of activities performed within the information system of the Program related to collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use and distribution, or deleting of data about a physical person.”

1.6. Participation in the Program is free.

1.7. The Company reserves the right to refuse participation to any person who fails to observe the Rules and Conditions of the Program.

1.8. Participation in the Program may be canceled under the following conditions:

  • If a participant fails to observe the Rules and the Conditions;

  • At the participant’s own choice (with prior written notice);

  • If the Program is cancelled.

1.9. When participation in the Program is canceled, all the accumulated mileage is nullified.

1.10. The Company ensures hosting of the valid version of the Program Conditions/Rules at its own website and/or informs the Participant via telephone on the following:

  • Current special offers concerning options for exchange of mileage;

  • The Program conditions.

1.11. A Participant can get a detailed report on accrued and converted mileage, as well as the loyalty account balance at the private page of the website

2. Conditions of participation in the Program

2.1. A Program participant is a Bank Client who:

  • Is a user of a bank product with Visa Premium debit cards;

  • Performed at least one transaction in a trading and service network and/or on the Internet with the Debit Card issued by the Bank;

  • Registered at the Program website

2.2. The loyalty account (where mileage is accumulated) is the number of a Participant’s Ukrainian cell phone.

3. Registration of Participants

3.1. You can register for the Program:

  • Independently at your private page at the website

  • With an operator of the Company’s Information Center via the telephone number + 380 44 323 12 54.

3.2. Following the fact of successful registration, the Participant will be sent a password with an SMS message to the registered cell phone number.

4. Mileage accrual

4.1. Mileage is accrued for client transactions performed with bank cards in Ukrainian trade and service network and abroad, including on the Internet and paid Visa Premium card, at the rate of 1 mile for every full 10 UAH spent by the Participant (Client).

4.2. Mileage is credited after registering on the

4.2. Mileage is not accrued for transactions made in kiosk Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Internet Banking "Raiffeisen Onlayn" as well as for the money transfer  from card to card and for withdrawing cash from the card at ATMs.

4.3. Mileage is accrued for purchase of air tickets at the website at the rate of 2 miles for every full 10 UAH spent by the Client.

4.4. For successful registration for the Program at the website the Participant will receive congratulation mileage of 500 miles. 

4.5. During advertising campaigns, special events and special offers from the Program and the Program Partners additional mileage may be accrued.

4.6. Mileage is not accrued for returned air tickets and tourist packages etc.

4.7. Mileage is accrued within 7 work days from the moment of payment for the services.

4.8. In case of errors (incorrectly accrued/withdrawn miles, etc. in accordance), the Program Organizer shall reserve the right to make the necessary adjustments to the balance of the Member of the Program.

4.9. From 28.11.2018 accrual of extra miles have been stopped

5. The procedure for mileage exchange

5.1. Mileage is not and cannot be a means of payment, a kind of currency or a security.

5.2. The accumulated mileage cannot be transformed into a monetary equivalent and paid to the Participant in cash.

5.3. Every Program Participant has a personal account for registration of the accumulated mileage (cell phone number).

5.4. Mileage from the personal account of one Participant cannot be joined with the Mileage in accounts of other Participants or transformed into mileage of another program for regular passengers.

5.5. If the Participant’s account contains sufficient mileage the Participant can make a request for exchange of the accumulated mileage for gift at the website

5.6. Terms for air ticket and gift certificates order and delivery:

Delivery of gifts is performed by email.

5.8. The Participant has to inform the Program manager in due time on any changes to his personal plans.

5.9. Gift certificates and air tickets received by the Participant in exchange for the accumulated mileage are not subject to return.

6. Mileage validity period

6.1. Mileage is valid for three years after being accrued to the Participant’s personal account.

These rules have been developed in accordance with the conditions of the current laws of Ukraine. Any disputes concerning performance of conditions of the bonus SMARTSKY Mileage Accumulation Program are to be considered exclusively in court in compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

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